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Founded in 2001, OracleMed Health is registered global Medical Health Insurer and Administrator controlling a unique range of International Medical Insurance products. We offer 24-hour Medical Health Insurance Cover whether at home or abroad.

We have built a team of professionals drawn from a broad range of disciplines including medical practitioners and healthcare specialists who are sensitive to the cultural, political and economic needs across Africa.

We have established long and enduring relationships with our Clients, Hospitals, Medical Professionals, partners with world class expertise and passion together with In Country Insurance Regulators across Africa.
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24-Hour Emergency evacuation

  • Worldwide cover for emergency evacuation and resulting treatment
  • Worldwide network of 3200 hospitals
  • Claims paid by direct settlement by OracleMed

Geographical Location


  • Hospital treatment can be Worldwide
  • Worldwide cover or Continent of African cover
  • Treatment done in country of temporary residence and/or home country
  • Travel and accommodation included in the benefits

Comprehensive Plans


  • Overall annual limit of USD 1 million per person per annum
  • In patient and outpatient cover
  • Members may have treatment in home country with travel and accommodation covered by OracleMed

Travel insurance


  • Short term travel insurance
  • Business or leisure

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